Solstice blessings

a mid-year celebration

Common Raven Photo: Breanna Wilson

After slowing to a full stop in 2020 we have been gradually rebuilding, revising, renewing and rejuvenating. Though we’re still moving toward full capacity program-wise, this year has been chock full of programs and collaborations (some new and some old timers.) As we cross the summer solstice this year we want to take this moment to share our story, and to celebrate all that we’ve been up to in 2023!


This year we had the great pleasure of running two end-of-year trips for local schools: 8th graders from Stonebridge Elementary and seniors from Credo High. Both trips included a balance between practices in earth intimacy and reflective time to look back at their year and to prepare for graduation. Teens from both groups expressed amazement and appreciation for what it feels like to move at the pace of nature, to be away from their phones, to not have days filled with back-to-back plans, to be able to take time for self reflection, and to just be. One 8th grader said upon reflection,

This trip has opened up a whole new view on the world, like the world is just one big gold-encrusted treasure chest filled with all the most beautiful places, and it’s slowly creaking open. I didn’t realize how beautiful the world really is.

Atti, 13

There is no container like the natural world to help hold big transition moments like graduation from both 8th grade and high school. These young people showed up beautifully to the challenges and tasks laid out before them, and they were met in subtle, profound, and miraculous ways by the incredible places we took them to, one being Point Reyes National Seashore (Coast Miwok Territory) and the other being River’s Bend Retreat Center in Philo, CA, (Northern Pomo Territory). We loved doing both of these trips and look forward to working with these schools again next year!


After the success of last year, Weaving Earth accepted the offer to coordinate and co-produce the Bioneers Youth Education and Leadership Program (YELP) again in 2023. The big news this year was that Bioneers moved the conference to the East Bay – an exciting and impactful change on many levels. As one long-time Bioneers staff member described it, “It feels as though we are coming home for the first time.”

WE made every effort to use this move as a springboard to fill the conference with as many youth organizations, youth leaders, and youth scholars from the East Bay as possible — and it worked. The Youth Unity Center was situated in the gorgeous Brower Center in Berkeley, hosting a powerful line-up of 14 different sessions for youth through the weekend, 80% of which were run exclusively by youth organizations and leaders from the East Bay. It was a joyful weekend full of movement, dance, and powerful work put forth by collaborators new and old. Photos by @Jan Mangan


This experiential webinar series was presented in March in collaboration with Audubon California and it wove together our love for and competency in Bird Language with the practice of “Mindful Birding,” a simple yet potent way to cultivate relaxation, a quiet mind, and a deep love for birds. The course was very popular with over 1,000 people registered from near and far!

It has been well studied and proven that time in nature does wonders for our physical, mental and emotional health, which is one of the many reasons we love the practice of Bird Language, ie the practice of paying attention to the language of the birds, which expands awareness of the interrelated ecology that we are a part of, deepens intimacy with the birds in our home places, builds an understanding of common interspecies communication patterns, and offers insight into how we move through the world.. In our experience, its ability to reduce stress, sharpen concentration, and contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing is unparalleled. One participant had this to say,

There are no words to express my deepest heartfelt gratitude for ALL that you are sharing and contributing to and for our precious planet. The integrity, depth, wisdom, presence, and unconditional love are so apparent in how you share. I am excited to participate more in your amazing community!

We loved working with Tammah Watts and Molly Tsongas and look forward to more!


A lovely group of stargazers met in March near the spring equinox for our quarterly Seasons of Change Astrology gathering with Naike Swai. At the spring circle Naike had us focus on the transit of Saturn as they enter Pisces. Naike is such a wealth of wisdom, and it is a gift to have someone who can translate and decode the mysterious star realms, while at the same time helping us see how that relates to our personal stories, and how we might prepare for the astrological weather that’s ahead. 

This program meets 4 times/year on or near the solstices and equinoxes and participants are invited to join for one or all of the gatherings. The summer solstice circle will be happening Wednesday, July 5th from 7-8:30pm PT, and there’s still room if you want to join! Click here to learn more about that course.


Another year of one of our longest running programs, the Wild Tenders youth and teen program, came to a close in June, and as always we celebrated with a family campout! Around 100 youth and adults gathered in Olema/Point Reyes to enjoy the wonders of the coastline and to bask in some unbelievable weather. 

Meanwhile the teens trekked from Coast Camp to Olema on an overnight backpacking trip, which for many was a first! Those of us at basecamp gratefully received them back into our circle with a song as they came tromping down the trail, tired, hungry, full of stories, and with smiles wide on their faces. We look forward to running this program again, starting in the fall. Registration is now open!


We are still celebrating our 10th birthday! Thank you to those of you who came to our birthday party and benefit concert in May. It was so much fun and a great success. So much so that we’re thinking this will be an annual event! We are celebrating our bday all year; actually  our exact birth date is today, the summer solstice! If you want to give us a 10th bday gift, there’s still time! Click here to donate to our 10th birthday campaign.

Thank you to John Craigie, Aviva LaFey, Daniel Steinbock, and Samuel Gray Edmondson for the amazing night of music, to GVFAM for hosting, and to the many talented artists and creatives who made our silent auction and menu so special. Thank you to the WE Board and Staff Ecology for all the love and care with which you hosted the night.


What’s that? Did you say adult programming??

After many months of design we are coming very close to the launch date for our newest program for adults! This will be a reimagining of our Immersion program, carrying the best of what that program offered while being shaped to meet a changed world. We cannot wait to unveil this program…thank you for your patience, and stay tuned!

And finally, we are wishing you blessings, spells, and prayers of sun-grown and hard-earned ripeness. The Solstice is here, and we invite you to join us — however you are able — in devoting yourself to summer, even if just for a moment. Feel the heat, touch some water, remember wonder, greet your skin. Join us in noticing this celestial moment in whatever way feels true for you…


Fill in your details and we’ll keep you posted on upcoming WE offerings