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  • OVERVIEW: The WE Immersion is a 1, 2 or 3-year journey. You are applying for the 1st Year—Foundations—which can be a stand-alone year, or can lead to continued learning in Year 2: Fire Tenders and Year 3: Bridge Builders. Thank you for applying, and for your commitment to this important and meaningful work. We look forward to receiving your application!

    SAVE AND CONTINUE: This application may take as much as an hour to complete. We strongly encourage you to save your work in a separate document as you go or through the "Save and Continue Later" link at the bottom of the form pages. Click that link, and you will be prompted to enter an email address at which you will receive a personalized link to continue your work whenever is convenient for you (within 30 days). You will receive a new link each time you save. If you have any technical issues with the form, please contact dave@weavingearth.org

    If you would prefer to fill out the application in word, or print and fill out by hand, please contact dave@weavingearth.org to receive a digital copy of the application
  • Personal Information

  • Power, Privilege and Systems of Oppression

  • Weaving Earth is committed to playing an active role in the disruption and dismantling of systems of oppression. We are committed to doing this work within ourselves, within our organization and within all of our programs. We are doing our best to engage these topics and we also have much to learn, improve upon and deepen. We are seeking participants who are willing and wanting to do this important work together, in community, guided by nature. If this kind of work is not something you are willing to commit deeply to, we appreciate your honesty, and nevertheless, the WE Immersion is not the appropriate program for you at this time


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