tayla shanaye


tayla shanaye dances through thoughts, feelings, images, dreams, sensations, and experiences that come together to highlight her life as a multi-racial person, a cis-gendered wombyn, an activist on behalf of the oppressed human and more-than-human communities, as a student of Somatic Psychology and Women’s Spirituality, and as a body living, breathing and moving across the land of the so-called United States.

She recently contributed a chapter to the new North Atlantic Books anthology Diverse Bodies, Diverse Practices – Toward an Inclusive Somatics (2018) in which she speaks to the embodiment of oppression and the ways healing navigated through the living body. In an effort to re-member herself, she explores concepts of healing and wounding as they manifest both in the personal and social experiences of life in an effort to support life and nourish the unfolding mystery.