tayla shanaye


tayla ealom (she/her) is a woman of color, a mother, a healer, a researcher, and a living body. She holds a Masters in Psychological Studies with a concentration in somatic psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is currently pursuing her PhD in Women’s Spirituality. Her current research focuses on the liberating childbirth process from hyper-mechanization in order to return the human race to the Earth. Empowering mothers and birth-givers is one way her activism shows up on behalf of the Living Earth.  She lives in the occupied Anishinaabek lands of the so-called Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her sun, partner, and elder 4-legged. She is committed to a loving relationship with the Living Earth, so that the land, waters, and seasons can do their good work of shaping her body and humbling her mind.


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