So Sinopolous-Lloyd


Sophia (“So”) Sinopoulos-Lloyd is a white queer Greek-American who grew up in the northern hardwood forests of Alnobak territory (central Vermont). So works variously as an outdoor educator, wilderness EMT, and writer. So worked as a seasonal shepherd throughout college and considers their life path to be deeply inspired by the combined resilience and tenderness of the cloven-hooved.

They founded Queer Nature with their spouse Pinar in 2015 where the two develop nature-based programming for LGBTQ2+ people with a focus on nature-connection, survival skills, and transformative experience through the lenses of decolonization and social and environmental justice. The soul of So’s work in and around nature is animated by studies of identity, place, notions of the sacred, and interspecies relationship within contexts of colonization, globalization, migration, and climate change. So holds an MA in Religious Studies from Claremont Graduate University and has studied place-based skills at Roots School and Wilderness Awareness School. Some of their favorite nature-connection practices are wildlife tracking and stealth-craft. @borealfaun @queernature


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