Miro Andre


Miro (he/they) was born on Tongva land (los angeles) to two ashkenazi jewish middle-class parents descending from hungarian, lithuanian, russian, and polish lineages. Six formative years meandering on Awaswas and Amah Mutsun (santa cruz) land brought them a breadth of connection with coastal prairies, wildflowers, redwood forests, birds, fog, limestone deposits, and the many wonders of that land.

They have worked stints as a backpacking counselor in the mountains of northern california, to provide a throughline for youth to uncover and tend their own relationships to themselves, each other, and place. A recent seed carried on the wind to this unceded/occupied southern pomo land, they are excited to learn both from their fellow mentors and wild tenders students (a.k.a. teachers) about what blooms from the community and connections in this land.

In their own constant process of becoming, they currently identify as a seeker of sounds, a pondering of poems, a jeweler, a mover and dancer, and a dipper in the creative spirit. they are deeply decomposed by the many layers of anti “imperialist, capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchy” (bell hooks) world-building in commitment to ripples of action, and a lifelong internal recla(y)mation of self through questioning of power and systems of domination.


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