Lauren Dalberth Hage


Lauren (she/her) is Executive Director, co-founder, and facilitator for the Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education. She comes from Ashkenazi Jewish (Odessa), Sicilian, and Scottish ancestry.

Lauren has been working outdoors with youth, teens, and adults for 20 years. She is a certified facilitator of the somatics-based body of work called the Resilience Toolkit. She holds a degree in Earth Sciences and Geography, with a focus on the human-earth relationship, and holds certifications in Ecological Agriculture, Regenerative Design & Nature Awareness, Permaculture, Embodied Social Justice, & Integrated Trauma Therapy. She is also a part of Beyond Boundaries and the Fierce Allies practice community.

As an educator, consultant, ecological designer, and creative, Lauren is dedicated to supporting people to pursue their passions and shape their actions from a foundation rooted in interrelationship. Attention to magic and mystery is at the heart of her praxis. Lauren is also deeply committed to honoring the cycles of menstruation as a prayer for healing. Her work and play are an expression of her prayer for eco-social co-liberation.

Lauren currently lives as a white settler on occupied Southern Pomo territory, a place whose original colonizers included Russian and Italian — two lineages which run through her body. She gives deep thanks and respect to the original peoples of this place and carries the commitment to be in right relationship with the people, the land, and the waters therein. And while this commitment isn’t enough to address the historic and present-day harm done on this continent — and globally by supremacy culture — she nevertheless believes it is her response-ability to walk humbly with this prayer while continuing to learn, change and do better along the way.


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