Daniel Schindelman Schoen


Daniel (he/him) began in the foggy flats of Ohlone land (Berkeley) as the son of two queer women of Ashkenazi Jewish and mixed-European descent. Daniel followed the waters inland to the agrarian farmlands of Davis (southern Patwin) to study ‘Nature and Culture’, a degree shaped by poet and deep ecologist Gary Snyder. Years of travel and exploration brought Daniel new names (DanDan) and new ideas for how to live closer to land and community. Along the way, Daniel caught wind of the Weaving Earth Immersion, where his path deepened and opened.

These days Daniel lives in Southern Pomo territory with his wife and 4-year-old son. They live on land with other families trying to share, heal and celebrate with more collectivity than they are sometimes comfortable with 😉 In addition to his service with Weaving Earth, Daniel also works in close collaboration with Wilderness Torah, regenerating earth-based Jewish culture for a more liberated world. A love for playing improvisational music, mythic parades to secret spots, and raising children with a flair for the magical inspire Daniel’s days.


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