What Happened When Texas Schools Tripled Their Recess Time

Some schools in Texas have decided to go against the trend of more classroom time at the expense of recess. They are now offering more frequent recess breaks during the school day and seeing incredible results. According to KEYETv news in Texas, the “teachers at those schools say their students are more relaxed, focusing better, and have better cognitive performance in reading, science, and math.” These results are no surprise to anyone who works in a relational holistic education environment.

Weaving Earth sees the importance of getting kids outside every day. All of our programs focus on connecting the children in our programs to nature. Our team has seen how nature can be a great teacher for children, so longer recess breaks make sense in so many ways. It allows kids to run off extra energy, learn social skills by interacting with their peers, and spend time outside in nature. It gives children a chance to learn how to interact with nature in a healthy way, building skills and habits that can last a lifetime.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in one of the districts experimenting with longer recess times, contact Weaving Earth to learn more about our relational holistic education programs that take advantage of outdoor time. We have camps for children as young as five, including some great opportunities for families to get out and experience nature together. You can learn more on our website where we’re currently taking applications for our summer programs. Now is the time to find opportunities for your kids to get out into nature!