The Week In Pictures: December 9-16, 2014

So fresh and so clean, clean: beautiful raccoon tracks (left hind, right front) in mud.

Front left and front right tracks of the same raccoon.

Trailing pigs with Matt Nelson on a ranch west of Geyserville. We saw upwards of 30 pigs when the day was done. An incredible day on a rugged and picturesque landscape.

Fresh pig track found while trailing. Most of the day we followed trails of upturned leaves, scattered fresh dirt and other signs subtler than this. Clear prints were few and far between. Fortunately, we had Matt with us.

Found trailing. Now begins a gallery of assorted mushroom shots.

Pretty posers. Photo by Linsey Kluger, taken at Slow Creek Ranch.

Is that a destroying angel on the right? Photos by Linsey Kluger, taken at Slow Creek Ranch.

Turkey tails on a log. Photo by Linsey Kluger, taken at Slow Creek Ranch.

An amanita mushroom (Matt may have called it a cream top) found while trailing. End mushroom sequence.

Seasonal Slow Creek swells and moves fast from all the rain.

Rain makes puddles. Chickens walk through puddles and leave short-lived tracks on concrete. These faded within minutes.

The grass mazes at Abbott’s Lagoon in the Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Photo by Meredith Buck.

Darkness settles around an old oak tree west of Geyserville.