The Importance of Permaculture Designs

One of the things we focus on in our programs is permaculture designs. Permaculture works with nature instead of against it, creating ecosystems that can be sustained. Ideally, these systems are thoughtfully laid out not only to sustain themselves but their caregivers. Permaculture is becoming increasingly important in a culture that’s using up far more resources than it’s creating. We’re placing more stress on the earth as time goes by, but permaculture designs ask us to take responsibility and care for the earth.

During our permaculture programs, participants learn:

  • The principles and strategies of permaculture design
  • How to restore soil, water, and habitats
  • How to garden through all four seasons
  • How to design, maintain and harvest a garden that provides year-round
  • Designing and implementing real world projects

If you have a passion for self-sustaining and want to learn practical, usable information that you can apply to your real-world situation, Weaving Earth has the program for you. We’re excited to share the knowledge of professional permaculture designers with the participants in our programs. Spreading this knowledge can help heal the earth and start creating ecosystems that sustain rather than deprive and stress the environment.

You can learn more about all of our programs, including ones that focus on permaculture designs, on our website. We offer programs for children, teens, and adults as well as family programs where you can get your whole family into permaculture design. Visit our website for more details and sign up for the program that’s right for you so you can start learning about how to create a thriving permaculture of your own.