Will Nissen


Co-Curator // Full Moon Radio

Will (he/him) is a white cis man who grew up as a settler on Tunxis territory along the Farmington River, in what is also known as Farmington, Connecticut. He is a descendant of family from Eastern and Northern Europe.

Will has been a member of the Wild Tenders team and he brings a lot of play into his mentoring work with kids. He loves how play deepens and expands relationships and sparks each person’s unique creativity. He also loves connecting through stories to reveal threads of relationship to oneself, others, and place. He is particularly passionate about myth and old stories; searching for ways they connect and inform all life. He brings this passion to his role as a writer and audio producer for Full Moon Radio, part of KWEB Radio, Weaving Earth’s youth radio station.

He has four years of experience leading kids into the backcountry on hiking and canoeing trips and has been a farm educator at The Farm School, connecting kids from the Greater Boston area to the cycles and rhythms of a small farm. Before beginning at the Wild Tenders program, Will was a participant for three years in the WE adult immersion.