Sjoukje Schoustra


Sjoukje Maria Schoustra (they/them) is the genderqueer descendant of european immigrants, raised as a settler in Tohono O’odham and Akimel O’odham lands of the Sonoran desert, also known as Phoenix, Arizona. Sjoukje (shao-kyeh) dances with the support of ancestors from Friesland, Sicily, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Wales, and Ireland. Their names come from these ancestors and are deeply rooted in the once-river-delta, now-farmlands of the Netherlands.

For the last five years, Sjoukje has resided in the lands of the Coast Salish peoples in Washington where they cultivated their relationship to the plant people, waters, and many additional beings within the ecological kin-dom of the Pacific Northwest. As they tended to the lands, they have been nourished and supported in reciprocity. They believe in the long-held truth that food is medicine and find their purpose in inviting others to re-member themselves in relationship with landcestors and in planting and tending to seeds of regeneration.

They have come to know the power of words and stories as they walk their (un)learning and unsettling path with reverence; they practice weaving peace in their circles. Having recently transplanted into the lands of Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo people, they join the Weaving Earth Ecology with fresh eyes and an eagerness to come to know and be known by the lands, the waters, the wild kin, and the wonderful children that make up the constellation that is the Wild Tenders.


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