Lucas Tamminen


Lucas (he/him) was raised beneath a towering coast live oak on occupied Southern Pomo territory, now known as Sebastopol, and traces his known ancestors to Finland, England, and Germany. He once again resides in this place, his home, as a middle-class white settler.

After graduating from Pomona College, Lucas followed his deep yearning for connection to place and desire to provision himself into two years of intensive permaculture practice and a year of natural building. Now, having tumbled back into the hills and valleys of his childhood, he finds himself delighted by the presence of young people; their curiosity, openness, and imaginative play enliven and deepen his own practice of nature connection and continually spark new questions and learning. He believes developing a particular, specific love for place is necessary for eco-social renewal.

As we move deeper into climate chaos and ecological collapse, Lucas holds the question of what simple prosperity could be, especially in the context of historical and present-day inequity and oppression. What cultural practices can support this? Every step he takes into a deeper relationship with the trees, creeks, spiders, and hills around him brings fresh appreciation, connection, and insight into what it might be like to be a part of the dream of the earth.


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