Kayla Douglass


Kayla (she/her) is a queer woman who currently occupies the land of the Kumeyaay people but was born and raised on the Ohlone territory. Kayla is the newest member of WE’s ecology and currently holds the space of Business and Finance Manager. She has spent the last 8+ years navigating small business and nonprofit organizational systems and has a deep love for administrative flow.

Kayla is a local activist and creative entrepreneur. Her passions manifest in the fluid form of ancestral offerings such as lauhala weaving, hula, community time, and yeomsaek (natural dying). These practices allow her to reconnect with her lineage (Hawaiian, Korean, & German) while simultaneously mending the generational trauma that currently rears its head. She believes the power of safe and open communication, storytelling, and prayer can heal the wounds of our people.


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