Gigi Coyle


Gigi began with a series of three-day retreats at a convent school when she was twelve, fascinated and curious what Jesus was doing fasting in that desert for 40 days. In her early twenties, the seeds of that experience led her to travel—alone in the wilderness, and in other cultures—seeking pathways to spirit, integral healing, and the partnership possible between all beings. She still travels that road.

For thirty years she has worked with individuals and groups in different communities and cultures, helping to build bridges “between the worlds.” She has organized and co-led journeys to the rainforest, to the oceans, to the desert; journeys dedicated to witnessing and learning through the great suffering and abundant grace found on this planet. Interspecies Communication, The School of Lost Borders and The Ojai Foundation have been her primary focus and attention. Today, she offers council and the desert fast as two of the simplest, oldest, tried-and-true forms for initiation, healing, confirmation and celebration of work, life, and vision. She is co-author of The Way of Council and The Box: Remembering The Gift. Gigi created and is now leading an intergenerational pilgrimage team, Beyond Boundaries and responds to a variety of service projects supporting regenerative communities around the world.


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