Angus Baguinho


Angus Baguinho (they/them) is a Portuguese-American dance movement and applied theater facilitator focused on queer and transgender collective healing.

Trained as a SomaSource practitioner and drama therapist, they combine expressive-arts, dance and movement, performance and theater processes, and games to inspire healing relationships to the self, other, community, spirit, nature, ancestry, and futurity.

Before recently moving to Longmont, Colorado — on the the lands of the Cheyenne, Ute, Arapaho and at least 49 other indigenous nations — Angus was a clinician at the Pacific Center in Berkeley, California where they co-facilitated support groups for trans pre-teens and adolescents and worked with queer and trans adults one-on-one.

Now Angus co-facilitates a non-binary mentorship program, Queer World Making, with their beloved co-lead Solace Pesach, here at Weaving Earth. They are also beginning their apprenticeship on Golden Bridge’s therapeutic support team, pairing life cycle development and somatic psychology with rites of passage programming.

Fun facts about Angus: If they could be a more-than-human animal they would choose to be a “Cow of the Sea” a.k.a. a manatee. Their favorite genres of novels are Magical Realism and Science Fiction. And nothing brings them more joy than spending time with their horde of younger siblings, ages 2 through 28.


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