How to Regain Your Nature Connection

More and more people are recognizing that they have lost their nature connection. They move from home to work to shopping store and back home again, rarely spending time outside and never with any intention. This lack of connection to the earth is damaging to humans. It’s not in our personal nature to be so disconnected from the earth and our natural surroundingsĀ and people are seeing the repercussions of this behavior manifest in their lives. If you are longing to reconnect with nature, how do you do it?

  1. Be intentional about getting outside. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes after work, get outside and into nature. Sit in the grass, lean against a tree, or dig your hands into the earth. Spend time outdoors and simply be.
  2. Develop new hobbies. While you might have a great array of hobbies, if none of them take you outdoors, you may want to consider choosing something new to explore. Gardening, geocaching, hiking and birdwatching are all wonderful hobbies that can reconnect you with the natural world.
  3. Sign up for an outdoors program. Whether it’s a weekend retreat or the nine-month WE Immersion program, these programs are tailor-made for nature connection. They’ll teach you about the natural earth and about yourself.

Weaving Earth offers many ways to regain your nature connection. You can learn more about our programs on our website, including programs for children, teens, and adults who are hungry to learn more about nature and reconnect with the world around them. Contact us today to learn more!